Provide English Training
For students from 5 to 15 years old

Elan School adopts Whole Language Approach to create students opportunities to put the language they have acquired into affect. We are improving students’ language skills, thinking skills, problem solving abilities and knowledge of global culture.  

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élan Library
English gym to improve students' reading and writing skills

élan Library is a guided independent reading program designed to make students become independent readers while furthering their joy of reading.

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Star Reading Test
The system to assess students' reading level

STAR Reading Test is standardised assessment tool, designed to supplement the assessments that teachers make about their students' progress and achievement in reading. Each test assesses a range of reading skills that correspond closely to the main components of reading skill outlined in The Literacy Learning Progressions.


élan offers guided independent reading programs and English trainings to students between the ages of 5-15. élan promotes independence with an extensive library program consisting of over 5,000 audio books and paper books, and complement this behavior with specialized literature and writing classes.